Still Life 3d Model’s (Final)

Reference Image

Reference Image

Finished Project

Maya Still Life (Progress)

complete image cropped editted

**Final Piece Cropped and edited (Result)**

This one is real

Final Piece no crop and unedited

Final Still Life-Render Passes

Final Piece with Render Passes + Photoshop

Throughout this project I am very satisfied with the outcome of this project and the long hours of renderpasses. There was some difficulty along the way with the lighting and subsurface scattering and working with transparency. UV work and texturing were also a big challenge for me, but I managed to get through them both. Although this piece could be better I want to hopefully work more on the cloth at the bottom to fix up more of the bump map and texture image. I would say that gave me the most problems. Overall this project was exciting and a great display of how far my Maya work has come.

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Sound Map Listening Exercise


Bell Ringing

Bell Ring: When I hear this bell the lines I used wanted to emphasize the sound vibrating continuously throughout but with the solid shapes representing the quick hardness of the sound with the soothing sound that is produced outwards.

Book Flipping

Book Flipping: The swaying lines represent the soft tones of the paper being shuffled from side to side as each page lays together and the beginning and ending sounds of the quick textbook like cover and back for the sides.

Church Hymm

Church Hymm: The tradition humming sound when walking into a church. The sound of tranquility as it loosens the sound with a soft, sweet, and often rising pitch in the song.

Door opening and closeing

Door Opening/Closing: The doors at the church are usually quiet when opening them but the sudden slam can be heard all across the room and then quickly silenced.


Foot Steps on Marble: I wanted the quick etching lines to represent the sounds movement within the space itself. Coming closer at a higher frequency then slowing down coming to a soft stop.


Maracas: The movement of how these things sound should be folloed up with what their actions did. For this I drew in the movement patterns and slow stops to show where the sound comes from. I feel that this was a good example of how the sound starts and where it ends completing it.

Plate on Table

Plate Placing: This quick and subtle sound was a challenge because without directly drawing the object itself, it meant that I had to distinguish the sound and create my own interpretation of it. My reason for setting a small shape in the middle was to represent the quietest sound in comparison to the rest of the plate. The loudest sounds coming from the side of the plate and the faintest sounds coming from directly in the middle.

Wooden Chair Sqeak

Wooden Chair Squeak: This noise was very interesting the first time I heard it. It was loud and very abrupt when it occurred. My drawing here, I decided to take the part of when a person sits on one of the wooden chairs when the noise starts to hit.

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Still Life 3d Model’s (Reference)

IMG_3212 IMG_3213 IMG_3216

These are pictures of the objects I will be recreating in Autodesk Maya and replicate it to make it a close to the original photograph.

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Still Life 3d Model’s (Unfinished)

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.37.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.12.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.26.24 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.50.01 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.50.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.49.30 PM

The models are done and the UV’s have been set for all of them. Now to work on the texturing and work on tightening up the seems for the UV’s.

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20th Century Media Project- Kansuke Yamamoto (Final)

 Everlasting Time_merged_filtered


(Eienno Udedokei)

“Everlasting Watch”
by ネグロニクリス

(Cris Negroni)

Standing still, breathing in the

afters and before.

Adding up to form a

step in between, another me,

myself, just one.

I have stopped.

This piece not only focuses on myself but an image I just happened to pass by every day. A constant reminder of where I once was to where I’ve been. Being able to see the path that the after and before images of myself take over while I watch gives an oversight of repetition. During my time as an artist, I feel that the stress of  daily life have taken over me. I try to remind myself of who I am and what I represent. Always come right back here, not being able to answer but always hoping to find the answer soon. Out of all the struggles I’ve had to go through this idea of self identity is the real road block for me. I look back and forth to find an answer in my past actions and what might be my future actions, hoping to cure myself of my own sickness. I guess the older you grow the more enlightened you get. Never understood that until now, in a time where everything I read is taken word to word and every message is understood. I think these questions I have of myself are the real motivators to my success and drive in life. Questions that can’t be answered but found some day. 
-What works and artists did you research while creating this piece?
 Work: “My Thin-Aired Room” 1956 by Kansuke Yamamoto
-What specific areas of those artists’ styles are you adapting/gathering inspiration from?
 Surrealism, Pictorialism, Poetry, and Conceptualism.
-How was this form originally accomplished? What techniques did you have to modify for your production?
 It was taken on an old instant camera given to me by my grandmother and manipulated traditionally with the help of some modern techniques. Modifying each other framed picture, cutting it out one by one and scanning it over and over and cleaned up with Photoshop.
-What location/setting within the Tokyo Metropolitan area did you research? What drew you to that area?
 Aichi Prefecture; Nagoya. Most of the work being placed was surrealism and half of it seemed grim and dark which is what drew my eye. The meaning behind most of them is what kept me around to the idea of making a surrealist piece.
-How was that location incorporated into your piece?
I believe that my piece carries some interest into my own well being and introduces the world that is outside of normal boundaries. It’s a place of being where talking about yourself is sometimes given in just one image and interpreted in many. Many of the work in Nagoya came off this way and I believe that’s what makes my work relatable to the area I researched in.
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20th Century Media Project- Kansuke Yamamoto (Research)

Stapled Flesh, 1949 Gelatin silver print

Stapled Flesh, 1949
Gelatin silver print

Kansuke Yamamoto is a Japanese artist who lived in the Aichi prefecture of Nagoya. For his time he was a famous surrealist photographer. His life began after the Meiji restoration. During this time if was hard to distribute art that wasn’t propaganda and works that were not gave the government an idea that they were terrorist of the country.
Yamamoto was famous for his photography and how well he was able to covey his message with of without context. most of his work’s were inspired by his poetry. He mostly wrote about philosophical things about his well being and to what he was thinking.
My Thin-aired Room, 1956 Gelatin silver print

My Thin-aired Room, 1956
Gelatin silver print

One of his works that caught my eye was one of his pieces called “My Thin-Aired Room” which shows a man in a chair wearing a clean tux with his face in a blurred distortion. What took me was the fact that his face was the only movement I received from the entire photo and nothing else. If anything my first thoughts were, he seems to be not comfortable with where this person is or this person is having some sort of panic attack in his own head. It came off as silly but looking in and thinking about his shot really got me intrigued.
In most of Yamamoto’s work is the feeling he puts into each and every one. With new work of his popping out of him, it was never the same. Sometimes each work gave a small incite into his mind and his well being. In each of his works when he grew older he seemed to taken a darker turn. Until the end he kept his love for poetry and took up painting for a while before his death. I find this interesting because in most of the works that I produce I like to give a little bit of myself in each one. I want to try and experiment with this one and delve 50% of my current emotion to see if I can get the same feeling portrayed in my own work inspired by him.


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Sound edits- MTV Video

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