Final Website: Assignment 6


Website 1:

Website 2:

Website 3:

What I saw in a lot of these was color. So immediately I knew that was the first thing. These sites made it pop so I chose a color that is on the warm side but doesnt draw away from too much of the attention.  There were some troubles in trying to get the key buttons to work so I had to scrap that idea during the finishing stages of this project.

Draft 1:

Website design2

Draft 1 Mobile:




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Interactive Jam- Final Project Installation

Mat Project

This is the coding that my group used for the interactive floor mat project.

Jasmine did the coding for the section with 0-6 images, I did the coding for the section with #758D7F images, a-i coding was done by Tyler, Brian did the coding for the Center images, Adrian did the coding for a1-g7 images, and Brianna did the bri1-bri6 images. Any other coding was done by Jasmine.

My Part:

int numFrames = 6;
int frame = 0;
PImage[] images = new PImage[numFrames];
long timer;
float framespeed = 120.00;

void setup () {
size (1000,755);
images[0] = loadImage (“Line-gIF.gif”);

timer = millis();
imageMode (CENTER);

void draw ()
background (255);
if (millis() – timer > framespeed) {
timer = millis();
frame ++;
if (frame == numFrames) {
frame = 0;
image(images[frame], width/2, height/2);

void mousePressed () {
if (millis() – timer > framespeed) {
timer = millis();
frame ++;
if (frame == 6) {
frame = 6;
image(images[frame], mouseX, mouseY);

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Assignment 4 – Augmented Motion- Final

This was a study for motion tracking and green screen effects. The hardest part about this was trying to track the motion of the light up parts of the stick, but couldn’t get them to follow throughout so I used the subjects head to focus the attention onto the shape and to what he was doing. It was interesting to find out how I got the green screen to work with just a little color testing and trials and errors.

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The Machine: Final Production 2 Project

This is an adaptation video of the poem “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop. Her poem talks about the art of losing and how that’s suppose to strengthen a person because they’ve gone through it once and shouldn’t be as affected by it if it were to come again. Towards the end of the poem it takes a twist by saying that she isn’t bothered by it, but can see that it’s tearing her apart.

I wanted to take this into a surreal old-looking field of view with an engineer not wanting to fix up, what he calls, a broken machine. For this, I wanted to make a metaphor for both the machine and the engineer to be me and my creativity giving up on me. The box head character is also a play on words with the phrase “Thinking outside the box”. So I created a living character that embodies that phrase as the master mind of myself.

How I tried to adapt this to my poem was similar in a way of how Elizabeth talked about losing her lover. Making so that towards the beginning that the engineer wanted to quit talks about the machine like its his own child. Getting torn up about it, it drives him insane. Conflicting with himself until he tries to nullifies his thoughts in the end.

A lot of the struggles in this project came from the location. Finding the right location was key for this piece to work properly. I wanted a place that was barren but not to empty that it only focuses on just the characters. A more decaying look for this and the best option was the old storage room in the Mackenzie complex. My first location before this one was the senior studio which did not turn out the way I wanted since it almost came off as clean. It did not have that dirty yet barren look I needed.

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The Substitute: Final Motion Graphics Project


This project is a cooking show that has gone completely right. For this project, I wanted to travel into a more surreal camp feeling. How I planned this was to take some slow moments and extend them, improv all the dialogue for it to be real and use some of the graphics to help out the surreal/camp feel. Having it feel very cringy is one of the goals I set for this project and I feel that I have certain moments where I stagger away and others where I come back to it. One way I think will help me is trying to start with camp and just let it go far until there’s a point where it stops. Not too much logic and very little meaning. Although this project did help me get an idea of where to start imporving.

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Animation Update

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Robert C. Turner Gallery: MFA Thesis Exhibitions

IMG_5811 IMG_5815

MFA Exhibition

This gallery was based on the visuals of an artist named Joshua Hershman where he created these cast glass sculptures of strange unidentifiable objects with light cascading from above to have this harsh feel for some of the pieces. His goal was to have the viewer give their own interpretation on how they relate this to the real world.

It’s an interesting idea to have a piece that has the viewer give their own incite on how they see it with the given setting. Instead of giving the view a look into the artist mind he does this as a starting point and lets the audience view it with their imagination.

The only thing I feel that doesn’t seem to work for this piece is the placement of the lights in some of them. They don’t seem to serve a purpose other than aesthetic placement. Other than that this piece is strong overall for leaving more towards the imagination with some of the starting bases for these pieces.

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