Fosdick- Nelson Gallery: “Decreation”

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The theme when walking into this gallery was obvious. With the lighting placements only pointed at certain pieces and some art pieces decaying; “decreation” was a fitting title for this exhibit. The pieces in this gallery were created by a collection of artists.

Some of the pieces were interesting on how they took these theme and played it with their own style. To the decaying frames of death poems to the hanging ball of ceramic on a chain it was the projection piece that took my eye. It was a projection of two hands and a projection of the sea and when one hand had an object it would go behind the sea projection and we would see it appear on the sea portion. The other hand would go behind and grab the object once it sank into the sea. When the other hand grabbed it, it seemed like the object was rotted and old. There would be a snap-shot then the other hand became empty. This cycle keeps going on endlessly with a different object each time.

One of the biggest issues I had with this gallery was how they displayed their pieces. They spread apart these pieces far apart from each other and have spot lights to show each of them. Although this fits the theme there were some elements that were left out. One example was the chalk drawings on the floor and the ripped paper that was scattered around the space. It was there but with it not being spot-lighted it just looked like a missed opportunity to display this in a way that it was relevant to the other pieces.

Although the opportunity was missed, having the pieces being separated from the others was a great way to show the aftermath of a destruction. The lights were set up in a way to show what’s left in this decaying world and that was an interesting way to do this.

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Assignment 6- Point of View drafts

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Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.48.52 PM


TODAY -- Pictured: (l-r) Giada de Laurentiis and Savannah Guthrie appear during a cooking segment on NBC News' "Today" show -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire)

warm1 Color Pallete

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Presentation #2 Adaptation of Literature to Film language

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The Summoning – “A Private Ritual in a Public Space”

The prompt for this project was a private ritual in a public space. A man is late to see his cult brothers and sister to start the summoning of their dark lord. They prepare their sacrifice and begin the ceremony.

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Assignment 5: Data Visualization; Draft

Information of shapes

This is the basic idea of what I want my designs to look like in terms of the amount of information being put in and how much can be put in. Each of the colors on the shapes represent the info and the shape is just a holder for them all.

Unclicked An example of a intereaction with one of the shapes.


Clicked on shape Clicked on the middle holder shape with info.


Clicked on circle in shape Info is clicked on and shows the information.

Full PageExample of a full of more than 50+ info in total.

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Arduino Board Workshop

Workshop- pic 1 Workshop- pic 2

When I got in, I was surprised to find a lot of different materials that were at our disposal. A few floor mats, tin foil, black poster board and some bed foam were the materials that were going to use to make up the artificial button.

The instructor, Professor Jeremy Speed Schwartz, gave us an understanding of what we needed to do in terms of making the button. It was basically the same idea as making a homemade light bulb that had a switch with a battery source that was connected to the switch. He explained what each piece was supposed to do in terms of functionality, The floor mats as the switch, the black poster board for the base, two pieces of tin foil that were on one side of the floor mat and the base that were going to be used as the power source connector, then the bed foam as the separator for both the tin foil so that they aren’t constantly touching to have a continuous energy source we wanted to control it so that when it was pressed they would connect to start the point of interaction.

Throughout the process, Professor Schwartz took our finished button and connected it to a pre-made Arduino board to test our button. After it was successful, the instructor explained how the button function showed on the Arduino with a light that turned on to show the function was interacting.

This workshop was exciting and very engaging to a point where we learned the exterior of making an interactive home made output and how it can work once everything is set up. I am thinking of incorporating this workshop into a project that I’m currently working on in another class.

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Motion Tracking Experimentation


This was my first attempt at motion tracking with text in a video. What really interest me about this experiment was how realistic I had to make the text in comparison of the video and I feel that I achieved that. I plan to do more projects like this in time.

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