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Assignment 4 – Augmented Motion- Final

This was a study for motion tracking and green screen effects. The hardest part about this was trying to track the motion of the light up parts of the stick, but couldn’t get them to follow throughout so I used … Continue reading

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The Machine: Final Production 2 Project

This is an adaptation video of the poem “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop. Her poem talks about the art of losing and how that’s suppose to strengthen a person because they’ve gone through it once and shouldn’t be as affected … Continue reading

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The Substitute: Final Motion Graphics Project

  This project is a cooking show that has gone completely right. For this project, I wanted to travel into a more surreal camp feeling. How I planned this was to take some slow moments and extend them, improv all … Continue reading

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Motion Tracking Experimentation

  This was my first attempt at motion tracking with text in a video. What really interest me about this experiment was how realistic I had to make the text in comparison of the video and I feel that I … Continue reading

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Assignment 4 – Augmented Motion- Group Video Critique

Group with Colin Miller and Myself (Cristian Negroni) So the critique I got for this project was to get more video footage of my subject in different angles. This is to provide more variety when editing and more options later … Continue reading

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Tobi the Human Android

This video was a project that consisted of 3 objects that had a similar meaning. For this is chose a USB hub (Tobi), myself in black clothing, and a black android cell phone. This project was also my first time … Continue reading

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