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Robert C. Turner Gallery: MFA Thesis Exhibitions

This gallery was based on the visuals of an artist named Joshua Hershman where he created these cast glass sculptures of strange unidentifiable objects with light cascading from above to have this harsh feel for some of the pieces. His … Continue reading

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Fosdick- Nelson Gallery: “Decreation”

The theme when walking into this gallery was obvious. With the lighting placements only pointed at certain pieces and some art pieces decaying; “decreation” was a fitting title for this exhibit. The pieces in this gallery were created by a … Continue reading

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Assignment 6- Point of View drafts

  Color Pallete

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Presentation #2 Adaptation of Literature to Film language

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The Summoning – “A Private Ritual in a Public Space”

The prompt for this project was a private ritual in a public space. A man is late to see his cult brothers and sister to start the summoning of their dark lord. They prepare their sacrifice and begin the ceremony.

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Assignment 5: Data Visualization; Draft

This is the basic idea of what I want my designs to look like in terms of the amount of information being put in and how much can be put in. Each of the colors on the shapes represent the … Continue reading

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Arduino Board Workshop

When I got in, I was surprised to find a lot of different materials that were at our disposal. A few floor mats, tin foil, black poster board and some bed foam were the materials that were going to use … Continue reading

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